The Godhood of God

The given-ness of God’s sovereignty means we must order our lives according to this doctrine. Where should you begin? Start by diving headfirst into these six essays on the theology of A.W. Pink’s The Sovereignty of God.



Living to God, Vol. 1

In this collection of essays on chapters one and two of the Confession, J. Vaden Cavett explores how the theology of Westminster facilitates personal and societal sanctification.



How to Change the World in 3 Easy Steps!

The air crackles in America, charged with emotion, ripe for revolution. Does the church have anything meaningful to say to our nation on the brink of revolt? In this essay, J. Vaden Cavett proposes three ways we can be a faithful Christian presence in our culture.



Forthcoming: Living to God, Vol. 2. 

In his second collection of essays on the Westminster Confession of Faith, J. Vaden Cavett explores the social, missional, political, and vocational implications of the doctrines of predestination, creation, and providence.