More Liberty, Fewer Dead Cops

When unnecessary restrictions are placed on us, we find ourselves tangled in transgressions. Every time we turn around, we break a law.

When we enjoy true liberty, when only a few laws exist, and those laws are strictly enforced, it’s easier to obey. In general, free men are happy and compliant.

My point? Police are enforcing stupid laws that shouldn’t exist. Don’t ask why police are being shot; ask why police are being put in the line of fire so often.

Why are people being arrested for drugs and speeding? Want to stop police shootings? Leave people alone (for the most part).

As I indicated in my last post, the basic, God-ordained way to change society is through Gospel preaching and heart regeneration, but a renewed America will have far fewer laws than the America we’re in.

Give the people their liberty back. Only enforce the civil laws given to us in Scripture. Or we can just keep killing one another. Take your pick.


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