San Diego and Gun Control Laws: An Alternative

The police fatality in San Diego last night is sure to bring up the issue of gun control… again.

Our totalitarian state will, again, suggest taking away more liberties to keep us safe. Eventually, whether we go along with it or not, they’ll stop suggesting and take away those liberties anyway, crushing dissenters along the way.

It drives Obama (and other tyrants like him) nuts that they can’t change human hearts through legislation. That’s why Christian Reconstruction is the only sane answer to statism. As Gary North always says, “You can’t beat something with nothing.”

So yes, there is a problem. Men are killing one another in the streets (in addition to all the babies being killed in the doctor’s office). But the answer isn’t to pass more laws. The answer is to preach the Gospel, baptize the folks who repent, and teach them to obey God’s law-word. Renewed hearts lead to renewed societies – always.


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