San Diego Police Officer Shot and Killed

By Jonathan Cavett

There’s been another cop killing.

According to Fox News, “The shooting comes with law officers around the country on alert following the killing of officers in Dallas and Baton Rouge, Louisiana, this month.”

Why are they on high alert? The media has set them on edge. Before we get carried away and buy into the hype, let’s take a second to think about this.

  1. It seems police officers die every day (which isn’t actually the case). The news media would have us believe it’s more dangerous than ever to be an officer, but cops have never been safer. We’re just hearing more about police fatalities because it fits the media’s narrative. What drives traffic to their websites and television channels these days? Dead cops.
  2. In addition to the narrative-driven, money-driven hoopla, our historical moment makes it inevitable that things seem worse. Never before have we been able to learn about international bombings and national shootings minutes after they happen.

So let’s mourn the loss of another public defender, but let’s not buy into, or contribute to, the hysteria.


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