Is Gary Johnson A Solid Alternative to Trump and Hilary?

I’m a libertarian, but I refuse to vote for the libertarian party’s presidential nominee, Gary Johnson. Why?

Like Tim Kaine, Hilary Clinton’s vice-presidential running mate, Gary Johnson is personally pro-life and politically pro-choice.

Here’s the problem. Gary “feels that each woman must be allowed to make decisions about her own health and well-being and that these decisions should not be dictated by the government.” Sounds good, right? Let’s think about this for a second.

Gary says women “must be allowed to make decisions about [their] own health and well-being.” Context aside, this is a fine position to hold. If a woman’s arm is in her way and she wants rid of it, get the hack saw ready. Sure. Fine. Whatever.

Let’s invite context back into the room now that we’ve had some fun. Ah, yes – the problem is clear now. Babies aren’t part of a woman’s body! They’re divine image bearers living inside a woman’s body. We’re not talking gall bladders; we’re talking girls and boys.

Gary Johnson isn’t pro-life – he’s pro-Gary Johnson. Gary respects a woman’s right to choose, but he wouldn’t be so respectful of someone’s right to take life if that someone were running at him with a long sword. It’s all about Gary.

Despite him being a lame excuse for a libertarian, I would vote for Gary in a heartbeat if he and his vice-presidential running mate, Bill Weld, publicly repented of their current position and took up the habit of being men of courage, men of integrity. But until that happens, I’ll continue to answer the question, “Is Gary Johnson a solid alternative to Trump and Hilary?” with a resounding, “#NeverJohnson.”


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