A Family Worship Framework

Since I posted the family worship article, I have had many questions about what our family worship specifically looks like. Though this is by no means the greatest blueprint for family worship, this is what currently works for our family and highly encourage every other family to do something for family worship.

Our main outline is loosely based on Joel Beeke’s book on the Family Worship. I highly suggest you spend the $4.00 to get it. If you aren’t convinced, read the first chapter here and then go buy it.

We do three main things during family worship: Sing, Pray, and Read and discuss the Scripture. There are obviously more things one can add to family worship, like catechism or Scripture memorization. But we find that since our time is limited, we like to stick to the three main categories and will do memorization and catechism at other times.


We have a binder that has every day of the week written out and a category under each day of the week. Here are the categories that we have listed out:

  • Monday: Our Household
  • Tuesday: Relatives
  • Wednesday: Friends
  • Thursday: Work and School
  • Friday: Government (Local, State, National, and International) 
  • Saturday: Church
  • Sunday: Sometimes we pray for what is urgent, other times we pray puritan prayers.

We also have one category we pray for daily. It is called our “urgent” category and we will use this to pray for whatever is more time sensitive.

Read and Discuss the Scripture

We have gone through many different variations of this, but what has stuck the longest is reading one chapter of the Bible every day. Obviously, some chapters can get long, so we make exceptions where it is necessary. I highly, highly, highly recommend looking at the Reformation Heritage Bible. It is the greatest resource we have ever used in family worship. There is the normal commentary within the Bible—which is excellent. But there is also a “Thoughts for Family Worship” section for each chapter. For most chapters, there are actually two or even three different points of application for personal and family worship. The application is sure to address areas of growth and encouragement for every person in the household. It has quickly become our favorite and most used Bible in the household. We normally will open the Bible, we will read the chapter, and then we will read the “Thoughts for Family Worship” section. If time permits, we will discuss what we read.


Finally, we sing as a family from the Book of Psalms for Worship. There are 440 different arrangements of all 150 Psalms in this book. It is incredible and we love being able to sing the words God Himself wrote for us to sing. At first, this was very awkward for my wife and I. Neither of us felt comfortable singing in front of one another. However, we now sing every evening a few Psalms and do not think it out of the ordinary at all. We love this particular Psalter because they have a wide range of resources associated with it. They have an app, a website with tunes that go along with each Psalm, and Connor Quigley has been kind enough to compile many of the Psalms here so you can hear how they’re sung. Coming from a person with a background in only hymns and praise music, I find these resources very valuable.

So here is our outline. This is what our family does. You can see it is very simple and does not take a lot of preparation. We have a small “Family Worship” box that holds all of the resources we need so at any time we can worship God as a family. So whether you follow this outline strictly or very loosely, I cannot encourage you enough to begin family worship today.


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