America (b.1776 – d.2016)

Before the American bird dies on Tuesday, allow me to ruffle some feathers while it still has some sensitivity in its nerve endings. 

This election has proven the point almost no one is making: democracy is bad. Democracy, as Doug Wilson has said, is three coyotes and a sheep deciding what’s for dinner. Universal suffrage is the principle stance of people who have no comprehension of the curse of sin and it’s effects on humanity. 

Scores of near-sighted bigots are flooding to the polls to vote for Trump, while others rush toward the ballot box to vote themselves an unearned income at the expense of taxpayers and sexual promiscuity free of consequences. Democracy is a free for all, but it never results in freedom for all. 

So, before you vote, remember that Jesus, not the next political messiah, is Savior. And whether Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton bow the knee to Jesus from broken hearts or busted knee caps, they will bow – but brace yourselves, because this is God’s judgment on America, and times will get tough – very tough. 


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