Famous Postmillennials Pt. 5

bahnsenGreg Bahnsen

It’s almost unfair to have Bahnsen on this list. A pastor, theologian, apologist, philosopher, and debater. He shed light on presuppositionalism in a way no former theologian ever had. He also overwhelmingly defeated Stein in a debate on the existence of God. It is exuberantly obvious that Bahnsen was a Postmil by the very nature of his writing. He even has a published book entitled Victory in Jesus: The Bright Hope of Postmillennialism. Here are a few quotes from it:
“As postmillennialists, we believe we should see the kingdom of God advancing in this world spiritually and externally, and that we should continue to see that growth until the very end when Satan is loosed.”
“To put it very simply, as postmillennialists, we believe the Great Commission is going to be fulfilled. ”
“Postmillennialism believes in the gradual growth and success of the kingdom of God by the power of the Holy Spirit working through the Church’s preaching of the gospel.”

rousas_rushdoonyRousas John Rushdoony

Another obvious Postmillennial is Rushdoony. He also was a presuppositionalist and wrote the book “By What Standard”. But his very obvious Postmillennial book is entitled “God’s Plan for Victory: The Meaning of Postmillennialism“.
“People who expect the world to end very soon, and are planning on being raptured out of it, are not likely to be concerned about dominion over the earth, nor the application of God’s law to the whole of life. Moreover, if such people believe, as they do, that Satan rules the world, they will regard their responsibilities to the world as negligible, and the world as something to escape from.”
“God has a plan for the conquest of all things by His covenant people. That plan is His law. It leaves no area of life and activity untouched, and it predestines victory. To deny the law is to deny God and His plan for victory.”

wilhelm_hengstenbergE. W. Hengstenberg

Hengstenberg was a churchman and a German theologian. He wrote many volumes of commentaries including his infamous Christology of the Old Testament, and a Commentary on the Messianic Predictions. He wrote on the kingdom of God that:

“‘The kingdom has become!’ The result is first actually attained in verse 19…. That royal word of the suffering Jesus  ‘My Kingdom is not of this World’  has been greatly abused. His Kingdom is not worldly; but the kingdom of the World is [to become] holy and Christian! This province [of this World]  which has long enough been in [Satan] the enemy’s hands  has at last [by the time predicted in Revelation 11:15-18] finally been recovered. It is possessed by the Lord and [by all of] His anointed!”

wrsDavid Brown

Brown was a was Professor of Theology at Free Church College, Aberdeen, Scotland, and was thereafter elected principal. He is known as one of three editors of the popular Commentary, Critical, Experimental, and Practical, on the Old and New Testaments (6 vols., Glasgow, 1864-70). Here is what he has to say on the millennium:
“The growing character of the kingdom, taught by the ‘mustard seed,’ and the penetrating and assimilating character, taught by ‘the leaven,’ go on till ‘the whole (earth) is leavened,’ and all the world have been brought to lodge in the branches of the mighty tree of life.

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