“The Covenant Herald | Declaring the Presence of God’s Kingdom”

The Covenant Herald highlights and exemplifies the practical application of the commandments of God for this generation, hailing His kingdom’s advancement on earth. As we emphasize God’s work through His covenant, we endeavor to take a no-neutrality stance in relation to the kingdom. We believe that since all men are in covenant with God, they are either covenant breakers or covenant keepers—in Adam or in Christ. Since there is no neutrality, we are dedicated to the hard work of discerning what God’s Word says about everything: politics, family, education, entertainment, business, economics, etc.

We will base all of our topics—both spiritual and practical—on the Word of God. The tools of dominion and the instruments of individual and societal blessings have always been the same: the Lord’s charge, commandments, statutes, and laws. Therefore, it is our mission to submit every aspect of life to God’s Word.


Jonathan Cavett (General Editor) is a man utterly smitten by his wife and sons. He loves the Church and longs to see the Protestant, Catholic, and Orthodox sects of the Church descend into the grave, only to rise again as a unified, Reformed Catholic Church. 

A writer by trade, Jonathan crafts manuals and e-learning at an alternative finance company. He loves books, especially epic fantasy, theology, economics, education, and politics.  

Caleb Archer (Theological Editor) is located in Louisville, KY. He is the husband of one wife, the father of one son, and occupies his time pursuing a seminary degree, working full time, maintaining his household, and reading voraciously—devouring everything he can get his hands on ranging from fantasy, science fiction, theology, and even philosophy.




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