The Covenant Confession

In addition to the ecumenical creeds produced by the councils of Chalcedon and Nicea, The Covenant Herald, being broadly Reformed and Protestant, adheres to many of the doctrines contained in the Reformation-era confessions, as well as the following Covenant Confession. 

The Trinity and Covenant
God exists eternally in three persons: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Each of the divine persons seeks the glory and honor of the others. The Trinity is the uncreated archetype of covenantal fellowship and love.

Creation and Covenant 
God created all things and fashioned Adam from dirt. He established covenant fellowship with Adam and filled him with the Breathe of Life, the Holy Spirit, the Quintessence of covenant life and fellowship with the Godhead. Adam sinned, forfeiting the Spirit, and as covenant head of the human race, damned his posterity to estrangement from God and life without the Spirit.

Christ and Covenant
God made a covenant with Abraham, which unfolds throughout the Old Testament until the fullness of time came. Jesus Christ, God incarnate, the Second Person of the Trinity, the promised Offspring of Abraham and the Son of David, was born of a virgin and was faithful to obey all His Heavenly Father commanded.

The Blood of the Covenant
Christ, the spotless Lamb of God, was crucified, bearing the sins of the world on a Roman cross. This one act of righteousness corresponds to and remedies the one act of Adam’s disobedience in Eden. Three days later, Christ rises from the dead, justified in the Spirit. 

The Crown and Covenant
In fulfillment of God’s covenant with David to set his Son on the throne forever, Christ ascended to the right hand of the Father to rule and reign, bestowing His Spirit on His people. The nations being Christ’s inheritance, He subdues them by His Word and Spirit, establishing theocracies governed by the Word of God. 

The Law of the Covenant
The moral and civil laws contained in the Mosaic Covenant are confirmed and ratified in the New Covenant and are the only righteous standard of covenant faithfulness. Any individual, family, or nation bowing the knee to Christ must submit to His law. 

The Covenant People of God
The Church, the New Creation, the covenant people of God, and the household of faith, is the Bride of Christ, and being united to Him by faith, enjoys all the benefits of redemption in Him. Everything that’s true of Christ is true of His people.